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Are you planning to contribute at other blogs and website for SEO benefit? Do you need bunches of targeted visits to your site? Are you searching a robust strategy to boost your website’s SERP?

So, let us start guest posting and gain targeted visitors and SEO benefits in parallel. Guest posting is an arrow that helps bloggers and webmasters in achieving two milestones via a single shot. It helps in landing targeted audience as well as dominate search engines.

What is guest posting?

Guest posting is a unique and popular way of backlink building technique. In this technique, bloggers and webmasters publish their content on external blogs sharing the same category. Search engines love to rank those websites gaining backlinks from relevant sites.

guest posting sites list 2017

It benefits both contributor and host blogger. Host blogger receives fresh content to feed their audience along with engagement while contributor welcomes the new visitor at his web place.

Almost all websites provide a platform for bloggers to contribute to their site. Many bloggers are taking advantage of it. But, it becomes tougher for new bloggers to search high DA guest posting opportunities on the web.

To reduce the burden of bloggers, I have collected a big list of guest blogging websites that allow contributors to publish their content and capture a do-follow backlink pointing to their site.

Check the list of do follow guest post sites list to enhance writing opportunities below: –

Write for us-guest posting sites for SEO, blogging, Social Media, Traffic, Tools niche sites list

Website DA 98 93 92 91 86 86 83 70 60 49 48 40 39 39 36 35 28 26 24 24 21 19 17



Technology niche

Education Niche

Website DA 93 84 74 66 66 64 53 48 47 42 39 38 37 37 35 30 29 28 27 20 17 10 1



Programming niche guest blogging sites list

website DA 85 42 17 11


If you need a bigger list or working on a particular niche, then you can share your requirements below via manual commenting. I will research fresh and High DA guest blogs matching your website’s category.



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